Corporate investigations

Fraud and corruption can potentially cripple companies, as well as have a detrimental effect on the economy as a whole. This has led to laws being implemented to combat corrupt and fraudulent activities not only in South Africa but around the globe.

Together with fraud and risk management specialists who operate not only in South Africa but in Africa and abroad, we are in a position to manage and carry out corporate investigations for our clients. Our objectives are to gather intelligence and information to identify fraud and corrupt activities, report such activities to the authorities as well as conduct litigation support and pursue legal remedies and claims against perpetrators of fraud and corruption.

In addition to the above, together with a team of specialists we offer:

  • the gathering of intelligence and profiles both in respect of businesses and individuals to assist clients in assessing risks; whether for the purpose of a transaction or developing a litigation strategy;
  • asset tracing and recovery;
  • fraud risk management services to identify and manage fraud vulnerabilities;
  • fraud awareness training and fraud control reviews;
  • compliance reviews and audits;
  • supply chain and manufacturing assessments in respect of theft and fraud vulnerabilities;
  • security risk evaluations;
  • corporate due diligence;
  • polygraph, handwriting analysis and suspect document examinations;
  • assessment of corporate governance policies and procedures.