It was DARG’s day for Mandela

Team Assheton-Smith’s hard bitten animal lovers won out in the choice of how to give back for Mandela day IMG_3246and we spent our 67 minutes for Mandela on 18 July 2015 working for the Domestic Animal Rescue Group (DARG).  Everyone buckled down to making treats and toys for the animals at DARG.  Assheton-Smith Incorporated represents the Court appointed facilitator for DARG which has entailed a number of court applications which are ongoing, brought in order to clarify DARG’s legal rights to continue to occupy the land upon which it operates and in order to recover funds that were unaccounted for.  It was our pleasure to once more help with the fantastic work the facilitator and his team are doing to not only put things right at DARG but to amplify and preserve an amazing organisation that really does make an enormous difference to abused, abandoned and diseased animals, restoring them and finding good homes for them.