Our profile

Trust, integrity, professionalism and service epitomise Assheton-Smith Incorporated’s approach to the law.

Our will to win is unwavering. Clients requiring dispute resolution and legal advice benefit from our attorneys’ unshakable confidence, principled conviction, coherent management plus decisive leadership and action.

Much like military strategists, our attorneys approach each litigation battle with focused, tactile intent. Our innovative tactics are powered by the steady wisdom of past experience and vast legal knowledge; strengths harnessed to achieve a successful outcome.


To serve our clients responsibly with integrity and vision; clearly focused on finding solutions to resolve legal disputes and on helping them achieve success in their commercial and property transactions.


As a litigation firm, we fulfil our mission by:

  • listening to our clients;
  • committing ourselves to understanding our clients’ businesses and commercial objectives;
  • involving our clients in our legal processes and communicating effectively;
  • applying our knowledge and experience of the law to guide our clients;
  • undertaking to innovate and lead responsibly with integrity and accountability;
  • valuing our people and supporting their learning and growth.